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While the out-of-the-box functionality to translate Word to In Design is less than perfect, many organizations use this workflow because Word is fairly ubiquitous as a word processor among non-designers, while In Design is far superior at precise layout.In Design includes functionality allowing you to map styles from Word to styles in In Design.

Whether you are using the default In Design behavior, or the URL linking available with Silicon Connector, you will find that graphics are extremely straightforward and easy to work with, but text is a much more complex world.

However, careful planning and/or significant development effort can make text linking a powerful part of your publishing workflow.

In Design will let you integrate content from Word or RTF.

As with text, these can be imported, or they can be linked.

Referencing text is complex because text itself is complex; it doesn't often fit into a neat rectangle, but instead forces authors/designers to consider fonts, semantics, inline formatting, copy-fitting, and more.

As magical as Adobe is, they have yet to provide a silver bullet for text.Adobe In Design is the tool of choice for page layout, yet it is a relatively old piece of software, originating in the late 1990s.While In Design has a concept of "links", its initial approach to graphic references was fundamentally that of desktop software prior to the age of the world wide web.You (or the third-party development shop you hire) need to figure out how to map the HTML/XML/JSON/etc.structure to that of In Design tagged text, yet that is surmountable (contact us at Silicon Publishing if you need help).Most In Design users are familiar with linking to graphics, as it is generally far more practical than embedding.