Widmer validating machines

Text and Date Perforating, Numbering Perforator or Symbols.

Embossers, Presentation equipment, Security perforators, Time/Date Stamps, Electric Staplers, Typewriters and more.

Time and date stampers electronically mark documents or time cards for tracking purposes.

Embossers make raised-imprint impressions in material surfaces.

Typical applications would include professional license marks, State and Local government seals, transcript validation seals and applying corporate seals to business documents.

Security perforators use plated dies to punch dotted words, abbreviations, and/or numbers into documents.

Commonly used for accounting and record keeping purposes, plates such as "PAID", "VOID", and "CNCLD" can be ordered.Models are available with number, date and time imprints.Ink stamping models for flat finish paper or impact models for glossy paper stock. We offer a wide selection of office support and business presentation equipment.Office security equipment keeps track of employees and maintains a "safe watch" over your office.Make great presentations everyday with the "Idea Share" technology in our PC whiteboards.The perfect solution for for applying seals, registrar's signature, licensing information and other secure, repeative custom inprints.